The Hybrid Event Model And Why It’s Here to Stay

hybrid event production

Now we really don’t want to mention the “p” word but it’s safe to say that the past two years has had a huge impact on the events industry. Businesses and event companies have had to adapt to a whole new way to host an event. Whilst restrictions have eased now, some of the learnings along the way are here to stay. For instance, virtual and hybrid event production.

The rise of hybrid events has been phenomenal. There are still a growing number of businesses choosing to opt for an event model that truly provides the best of both worlds. A combination of live and virtual events, hybrid event production has been high in demand.

As one of the country’s leading AV production companies, we know these types of events won’t be going anywhere. But why? Before we dive into the benefits of a hybrid event model, let’s clarify exactly what one is. As well as how it differs from a standard in-person event.

What Is A Hybrid Event? 

A hybrid event is a type of event that uses both in-person and digital elements to create an experience. Using the live and online elements, attendees and presenters can attend either online or in person – the key to a hybrid event is ensuring that all parties can interact and engage in the event no matter where they are. Hybrid events have increased in popularity recently – but why?

What Makes Hybrid Events So Popular? 

Restrictions and COVID-19 has meant hosting in-person events has been risky – and sometimes not legally possible. Even when restrictions have eased however, there can be many guests that might not be able to attend for some reason or another. A hybrid event allows people from all over the world to attend, so location doesn’t have to be a hurdle.

The Benefits Of A Hybrid Event

With the right hybrid event production company, no matter what the case is, you can bridge the gap between virtual and live events and create unique and unforgettable experiences. So what are the benefits that you can reap from hosting one?

Expands Your Reach 

Ever found yourself wondering how to increase your event attendance rate? A hybrid event could be the answer. This event model allows you to cast the net to a much wider audience by eliminating the need to travel. You can connect with businesses and individuals all over the world – in fact the number of people that are able to hear what you have to say is practically limitless!

Increase Sponsors 

A bigger guest list is always going to generate more interest. With this in mind, sponsors are much more likely to want to work with you when they’ve got a broader audience to market to.

Cost-Efficiency And Greater ROI

Generally speaking, hybrid events allow you to scale better without having to dramatically increase your costs. When you scale a sole in-person event, you need to invest in bigger venues, more catering, and everything in between. With a hybrid event, you can scale the virtual side easily, and you can even monetise it by selling tickets. From an attendee perspective, having the option to attend virtually is an appealing factor for anyone wanting to avoid travel or accommodation costs.

Time efficiency

Online events with structured agendas, offering different streams and breakouts for varying audiences, allow people to focus their time by attending the sessions most appealing to them. Since they aren’t physically travelling to the event, they don’t need to give up their entire day.

Pre-Production Effort

Not all online content has to be performed live for an online event. Many types of content, for instance video rolls, as well as, interviews with key guests pre-recorded in a studio, and other content can be produced beforehand and seamlessly mixed into a live environment.

Audience Engagement

Many people are unaware that online events can still have a high degree of audience participation, with the inclusion of engagement software and other tools. For example: running polls, voting during live sessions and showing those results to attendees in real-time.

One event that comes to mind is a Christmas party. Attendees had fun last year taking photos of themselves in festive hats. These were sent to their homes which then appeared in a live stream during the quiz. Additionally, other activities which were fun elements helped a large number of remote workers feel more connected during a period of isolation.

Hybrid Production Companies 

As an experienced hybrid production company, we’ve got the skills, technology, and expertise to support you in hosting a seamless hybrid event experience. Whether it’s a virtual AGM, Works gathering or Product launch. For more information about our approach, our online events platform, or to find out more about how we can work together, explore our website today. Alternatively, call to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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