Virtual Hybrid Events

Passion For The Craft, Years Of Dedication. Still A Seamless Production.

Businesses from all sectors felt the strain of keeping people connected and maintaining communication lines with customers and supply chains as we each navigated the period of lockdowns and isolation. For many, this meant accelerating the adoption of online, virtual-reality and remote-access technologies far quicker than previously planned. 

Overcoming communication hurdles while socially distanced – and doing it well – is not easy and means adapting working methods. We are proud to support our clients as they have and continue to navigate this path. With an immensely skilled team each with 20+ years’ experience within their specific field, our approach is working together with our clients as an extension of their team to plan interactive events. We fully support a virtual and hybrid approach to event calendars to help shape and future-proof your ongoing marketing and communication strategies.

Virtual Hybrid Events | Combining Live Streaming And Production Services

As a technology business, we’ve been doing live streaming and remote presenting as part of our in-person events for a while. For global businesses, it’s rarely an option to have every person pertinent to an event physically present. But when everyone, including us, had to be remote from each other, we adapted. We built virtual studios, launched a live event space with online “green rooms”; to rehearse, manage content and run tech checks. We delivered award shows with people at home, produced virtual AGM’s and ran online conferences with break out “rooms”, live polls, and streamed live to social media.

Today, both the desire and ability to safely hold in-person events is coming back for sure. But what these unprecedented times have done, is show businesses what we can achieve. And as a creative technical events company, we’ve proven that even when you’re not “in the room”, you can be confident that your idea or production is safe in our hands. 


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Our online event capabilities, combines live streaming and production services. We help to drive specific behaviours to meet business goals and create immersive experiences.

TMTV Live was formed as a service offering to address gaps in the live event space, brought on by a requirement to be socially distanced, but a desire to be socially connected.

Managing multiple presenters and speakers across remote locations can be tricky on basic web conferencing platforms. Adding a production element enhances the viewing experience for a professional finish and helps keep audience members engaged.

Our virtual hybrid events capability combines live streaming and production services. It’s the equivalent of having the AV guys in the room controlling the tech – it’s just done remotely. We support our customers to reimagine content as interactive online sessions that still enable ideas and discussions to progress effectively.

Customisable Online Meeting & Virtual Events Platform

Our B2B solution is a fully customisable online event platform with integrated livestream and audience participation tools. In addition, our webcast services ensure multiple remote speakers, graphics, presentations, and videos can be seamlessly produced in the cloud for a polished delivery. Our event space can be curated with your branding including logos and colour schemes.

Furthermore, our team expertly pieces things together. We can combine your existing platforms (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom) with leading engagement software and our production services. Driving specific behaviours to meet business goals, and deliver the kind of collaborative experience your audiences will want to repeat. A benefit of virtual hybrid events is live information. Data can be syndicated quickly to give valuable insights on interactions, and we can display real-time information as well as provide detailed post-event analysis.

Do you have an industry event, function, team meeting or forum that you aren’t quite sure how to deliver? Talk to our team and we’ll help get your business agendas back on track. We can demo our platforms, discuss which capabilities are most relevant, as well as, understand what’s important to you. Additionally, we will share how we can plan for success, coach your team and support your event, meeting or broadcast.